Cover jacket for Honoring Our Planet! THINK! (Photos courtesy of Sheri Miller)

Honoring The Planet: Inspiring New Book By Roslyn Native

By Joseph Scotchie and Lauren Feldman

Sheri Miller

Music star Sheri Miller continues her successful career in the music industry. The Roslyn native is also focused on inspiring others to take care of our planet. This spring, she has published Honoring Our Planet! THINK! The book is a triumphant love story started by her mother, Linda Miller. Before the longtime schoolteacher passed, her daughter Sheri promised that she would complete the book, which the artist describes as a “brilliant and uplifting children’s book celebrating Planet Earth and how we and our children can best take care of it.” The book is published under Linda Miller’s name.

“I co-wrote this magnificent kid’s book with my Mom, Linda Miller, a kid’s teacher,” Sheri Miller told The Roslyn News. “We both deeply appreciate and care about Planet Earth, kindness, diversity, and kids. My Mom and I would love to inspire kids to use their spectacular imaginations and think. Encourage kids to think, feel, and receive great ideas and solutions about how we best can make conscious choices to honor our planet. We can plant trees, use solar panels, recycle, and perhaps even discover new solutions and ideas to respect and love our planet.”

Sheri and her mother Linda.

The book, Miller shared, is a love letter to Planet Earth, and especially to young people.

“This is our planet,” Miller continued. “Planet Earth is our gift — it gives us abundant healthy food, clean water, bright sun consistently rising each morning and warming the earth, fresh oxygen. One day, it’ll be our kids who inherit our Earth, who fully take care of our Earth — so let’s start making positive, conscious, feel-good choices now! Let’s think seven generations ahead, about how our choices will impact both us and future generations of our children and grandchildren.

“Let’s create positive awareness and deep appreciation for our majestic planet now. It’s easy as breathing to recycle or compost or plant flowers or trees. I believe it’s a beautiful thing to instill a habit and practice of appreciation in our kids- one of the greatest gifts I believe we can give them.”

Specifically, what can the average citizen do about the planet? “Every small choice you make helps,” Miller claimed. “You can plant trees, plants, flowers in your garden or an outdoor space. You can recycle, compost, and if you have trash put it into a designated trash receptacle. You can eat healthy foods that nourish your body, feel good as you enjoy it, and even bless your food and water with love before ingesting it. You can learn about solar panels, electric cars, and new energy source possibilities. What if you and your child could speak out loud three things you each appreciate about our Planet Earth? Maybe it’s clean water to drink. Maybe it’s abundant, beautiful oceans to swim in. Maybe it’s all beautiful birds and animals we see and hear in nature.”

An inside spread from the Millers’ new book.

Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. “Amazing new book…genuinely beautiful…evocative…impressionistic,” said Hollywood Digest. The Magic Pen is calling the book, “Perfect…masterful…by teaching children to dream this way, that is how we move culture.” And Independent Music and Arts Insider is praising it as, “Brilliant…truly feels inspirational, motivating, and empowered.”

And Motherhood Moment Blog wrote Honoring Our Planet! THINK!  is, “Poised to become a modern Earth Day classic…triumphant love story, a heartfelt homage to the environment…Rich with themes of loving solutions, kindness, respect, and our commitment to environmental stewardship.”

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and wherever books are sold.

And don’t forget Sheri Miller’s illustrious musical career. The artist–songwriter–composer has recently released her latest critically acclaimed record, Waking Up to This Miracle Life. She performed a song from the record, “Joyful Love”, on Today in Nashville, one of the top-rated, most-watched morning shows in the nation. Sheri has been hailed a, “Terrific talent…gifted musician…artful songwriter… genuine,” by Ken Copabianco of the Boston Globe. Buzz Music called her latest record, “A masterpiece…remarkable journey we get to embark on…glorious.” And Honk Magazine described the artist as “Genius…her lyrics are truly poetic, the vocal performance rides the waves of the production perfectly, and it all comes together to make a masterpiece for the world to feel.”

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