A map of East Hills. (Photo courtesy of the Incorporated Village of East Hills)

Village Of East Hills Announces 2024-25 Budget

Michael R. Koblenz, mayor and chief budget officer of East Hills, recently announced that for the fourteenth year in a row, the budget in East Hills contains an unprecedented zero tax increase for residents. “Fourteen years without tax increases no doubt sets a record among all surrounding municipalities,” he said in an announcement letter to the Town. “The continued passage of our budget without a tax increase required considerable constraint and is a great accomplishment… East Hills continues to be one of the most sought-after communities on Long Island.”

Village taxes generally amount to around 16 percent of all taxes paid by residents, yet it shoulders the costs of sanitation, snow removal, paving roads, security, pools, parks, fees for Nassau County Police, administration for Village programs and fire protection.

The 2024-25 budget plan has been created to ensure the continuation of these successful town services.

The budget is contained by utilizing dedicated volunteers. According to Koblenz, cost savings are due, in part, “thanks to our dedicated residents who serve as volunteers on our various committees. We will continue to enlist the finest talented residents to volunteer their time and effort.” Boards and Committees include the Board of Zoning and Appeals, the Planning Board, the Architectural Review Board, Tennis Committee, Kids in the Park Committee, the Mayor’s Trophy Tournament Committee, Security Committee, East Hills Social Committee, and other committees which can be found on the Village website.

The budget allocates for protection and safety plans. “Safety remains our number one priority and the budget provides the means to achieve these important objectives,” said Koblenz. “For the past couple of years, almost all incidences have involved unlocked cars with key fobs left in the vehicles. Our residents must stay alert and take the keys to their cars, leave the lights on at night, and call 911 if they see any suspicious activity. Our Security Entrance Cameras have added another layer of detection and deterrence which review is only available to the Nassau County Police Department.”

The annual budget also includes a repaving program for local roads. This program is necessary to respond to the extreme weather we now face in the Northeast. The Village is one of many to have received grants from federal and state governments to help reduce costs.

In order to continue accessible and transparent government operations, the Village will continue the Instant Access Program. They will also schedule Meetings with the Mayor on weekends to give added open access with face-to-face meetings with the Mayor to discuss issues, ideas, and suggestions. The Village will continue to provide regularly released “Messages from the Mayor” which contain important information for the residents through emails. Also offered through this program are immediate responses to issues, questions, or suggestions made by residents. The messages inform residents of various weather concerns, and contain important information provided by the Nassau County Police Department relating to safety issues. The Village also provides an updated website and publications, including a one-of-a-kind East Hills calendar.

The Village budget provides for a fire contract in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for the Roslyn Fire Companies for firefighting, equipment, trucks, and retirement fund for Roslyn Highlands, Roslyn Rescue and their ambulance services.

Through the Department of Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Supervisor, the Village will continue to maintain and improve all areas of the Village, to keep it clean and picturesque. The Village has renewed efforts to plant flowers, trees, and bushes, and examine trees for potential danger of falling.

The budget will also enable the continuation of green initiatives. This includes Green Day, where residents are encouraged to recycle and buy fuel-efficient vehicles. The free Special Pick-up Program will also return. This program runs during the months of March through October and allows our residents to discard their unnecessary bulk items. The Village will continue to comply with Federally mandated storm water requirements, and institute all added measures necessary to support this important effort.

Exciting events have also been budgeted for. This year, the Village will once again host the Fire Works Extravaganza, enthusiastically support Baseball for Roslyn Little League and Challengers, Women’s Softball, Young Children’s Flag Football, Concerts if possible, and the Blood & Pill Drive. This past year the Village formed a new and exciting committee to present programs which interest residents of all ages. Due to the hard work and commitment of the co-chairs the Village now has another highly successful program of events with lecturers, painting and features a new book club. Additional events are in the planning stage.

If the budget is any indication, it is shaping up to be another great year for the residents of East Hills. “With our fiscal condition strong, our Village continues to be a trend-setter,” said Mayor Koblenz. “East Hills is highly desirable. We will, through this zero percent increase in taxes, preserve the finest services, programs, events and facilities for East Hills.”

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