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Town Yard Waste Collection Resumes April 1

Residents receiving town service should place yard waste curbside with recycling

riola announced that Yard Waste collection will resume the week of Monday, April 1, for homeowners who receive town collection services. Yard waste is picked up on the same day as recycled materials, including plastics, metals, glass and cardboard.
“With the spring season upon us, many residents will begin clearing their properties from leaves and other debris left behind by winter,” said Councilman Labriola. “Yard waste collection, which includes lawn clippings, will get underway the first week of April and run throughout the year.”
Residents should place yard waste curbside on their same day as their recycling items. Yard waste is collected by town sanitation crews and taken to compost facilities. Waste includes grass clippings, weeds, leaves, tree trimmings, hedge and shrub clippings and other garden/yard waste. Materials should be placed in bags at the curb, and should weigh no more than 50 pounds. No household garbage, refuse or animal waste should be disposed with yard waste.
“Collecting Yard Waste is an important component of our recycling program,” said Councilman Labriola. “One of the prime benefits of recycling yard waste is that the cost to take these materials to a compost facility is less than the cost to dispose of them at an out-of-state landfill. This successful program is another example of the town’s commitment to providing high quality environmental services while protecting our taxpayers’ wallets.”
For more information on the Town’s sanitation services, including recycling and yard waste, visit
—Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay

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