(Photo courtesy of Roslyn Public Schools)

Roslyn Students Graduate

By Erica Schwartz

Roslyn students have officially graduated! The Class of 2024 was recognized earlier this week for the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to its studies.

Roslyn High School valedictorian Jacob Gross. (Photo courtesy of Roslyn Public Schools)

The Roslyn High School commencement ceremony for the Class of 2024 was held on Friday, June 21, at the Tilles Center. Two-hundred and forty-five students dressed in blue entered the room to Pomp and Circumstance amid cheering family members. Roslyn High School’s ceremony commenced with the passing of the flags to two class members of 2025, followed by a performance of the National Anthem and Roslyn High Alma Mater by the Senior Chorus and ASL Signers.

Teacher Andrea Pearlman introduced Blake Sohmer, the Organization of Class Council president, who spoke about the class’s development through kindergarten at the Heights School, East Hills and Harbor Hill Elementary Schools, Roslyn Middle School, and Roslyn High School. Sohmer also congratulated this year’s retirees on behalf of the Class of 2024 and presented them with honorary diplomas.

Roslyn High School Salutatorian Cole Goodman. (Photo courtesy of Roslyn Public Schools)

Valedictorian Jacob Gross shared his thoughts on the value of curiosity and how it applies to the Roslyn Class of 2024.

“Be curious. Look at the world around you. Ask, think, wonder, include unfamiliar individuals, and do not be satisfied with a basic explanation,” Gross advised his peers.

Gross will attend Harvard College in the fall to study molecular biology and business management, while Grossman will attend Duke University to study applied economics and management, according to published reports.

Salutatorian Cole Goodman addressed the crowd, emphasizing the positive community forged at Roslyn High School and all the lessons he will take with him going forward.
“Another thing I’ve learned from Roslyn is that hope isn’t the best way to forge your life and your image—effort is,” Goodman said in his speech.

Dr. Scott Andrews, principal of Roslyn High School, Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy, President of the Roslyn Board of Education, and Allison Brown, Roslyn school superintendent, also addressed the crowd throughout the ceremony. In between speeches, the Senior Chorus performed a rendition of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten.”

A day prior, the Henry Viscardi High School Class of 2024 celebrated its graduation.

Henry Viscardi School Salutatorian Lance Lee. (Photo courtesy of Henry Viscardi School)

Valedictorian Kervin Colon addressed the crowd, introducing himself as the “troublemaker” of his class. In his speech, Colon thanked his teachers and spoke about his experience living with muscular dystrophy. He credited his time at Henry Viscardi school with his teachers and peers at helping him transform from a shy child to a brave, more outspoken young man.
“I know life will be hard once we leave here, but I also know we will continue to never give up and make the world a better place for anybody,” Colon said in his address. Colon will be attending Queensborough Community College in the fall.

Lance Lee also gave a salutatory address about his 13 years at the school. Lee joked with the crowd and spoke about his personal development over the years as a student at Henry Viscardi School.

“People who met me would assume I don’t have the ability to become a functioning member of society,” Lee said, regarding past judgments from others because he is disabled. “Here I am, Salutatorian of my graduating class and about to enter Queens College.”

Henry Viscardi School Valedictorian Kervin Colon. (Photo courtesy of Henry Viscardi School)

Dr. Chris Rosa, President and CEO of the Viscardi Center, delivered a speech before announcing this year’s commencement speaker: Sarah Cronin, a past graduate of the Henry Viscardi School and current math teacher at Sanford H. Calhoun High School in Bellmore-Merrick.

Cronin described her experience growing up at Henry Viscardi School, becoming a teacher at Adelphi University, and teaching at Calhoun High School for 20 years.

“I want to leave you with this: In the simple act of being authentically ourselves, by living with purpose, integrity, and authenticity, we embody the values and principles we wish to impart to others, leaving a positive impact and lasting mark on the world around us,” she said. “Dr. Viscardi did just that.”

Jessica Caggiano, principal of Henry Viscardi School, delivered the closing remarks after each student received their diploma.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of your journey here at HVS,” she said. “As you begin your new journeys, remember this is not an end, rather it marks the start of a new chapter.”

Readers should keep their eyes peeled for information on the Herricks High School graduation, which will appear soon.

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