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Pedestrian & Beautification Improvements Coming Soon To Downtown Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Lou Imbroto announce that pedestrian and beautification improvements are coming soon to the downtown Oyster Bay business district. The $750,000 improvement project includes upgrades to a dozen crosswalks, which will be stamped concrete in a red brick pattern, along with new curb ramps.
Supervisor Saladino stated, “Over the past several years, my administration upgraded Fireman’s Field and implemented streetscape improvements in areas of the downtown, installing decorative lighting and brick paver strips along the curb line. Now, we are moving forward with more investments in decorative crosswalks at all intersections to replace the existing painted crosswalks. This project will help beautify our downtown and create a safe zone for pedestrians and bicyclists that motorists can both see and feel which should encourage lower speeds.”
Upgrades will be commenced at four crosswalks located at Audrey Avenue and Maxwell Avenue, the crosswalk at Shore Avenue and Audrey Avenue, two crosswalks at the west entrance to the Town Hall lot on Audrey Avenue, four crosswalks at Audrey Avenue and Spring Street, and at the crosswalk near the south entrance to the Town Hall lot on Audrey Avenue. The project will provide a consistent theme for the Oyster Bay downtown area infrastructure which will be easily identifiably to pedestrians and motorists. This project will create a safer environment for pedestrians which shall encourage walking within the downtown area, enhancing the economic opportunities for downtown businesses. In upgrading and connecting the large parking facility at Fireman’s Field, visitors to the downtown area will be provided with a central starting point to enjoy shopping, get a bite to eat, and take in the beautiful view of Oyster Bay Harbor.
—Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay

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