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North Shore Schools Budget Update

The North Shore School District was already facing challenges when planning the 2024-2025 budget.
The district announced in 2022 that it lost its biggest taxpayer, the LIPA Glenwood Landing power plant. After 10-plus years of litigation between LIPA and Nassau County, the district was notified of a final settlement in June, 2022 that it was not part of the settlement, and the county would now receive direct settlements from LIPA instead of tax payments that will decrease over time.
Upon completion of the settlement, the district lowered the tax levy to ease the burden on the community, as the residents may have faced up to $9 million in tax shift. The district was also able to obtain $3.25 million in additional settlement funds, and has used the money in increments to lower the impact on the community.
The district has been working to reduce expenses and find new revenue resources to balance the interests of the students and the community.
The district also lost a grant from New York State that brought the district $1 million a year. However, Assemblymember Charles Lavine won the district a quarter of $1 million. Contractual obligations, insurance, health insurance and special education costs drive up district expenses. The district was able to use reserves, state aid and tuition from district programs, leaving the district with an approximate $6 million budget hole.
The next budget review will take place on March 14. The budget will be reviewed on April 4 and adopted on April 18. The budget will be read on May 9 before the election on May 21. Meetings take place at 7:45 p.m. at the Glenwood Landing Auditorium.
—Additional information provided by the North Shore School District

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