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Multimedia Gerry StoryMap Now Available Through Roslyn Landmark Society

Behind the quaint village of Roslyn, Long Island, there lies a remarkable story of dedication to preserving history. It’s the tale of Roger and Peggy Gerry, whose tireless efforts shaped the very fabric of Roslyn’s picturesque identity.

The new multimedia Gerry StoryMap, available on, is an immersive historical narrative that traces the Gerrys’ influence on Roslyn, N.Y. The project was created by Florence Westergard, a French freelance multimedia producer currently pursuing a master’s degree in Emerging Media and Technology at Empire State University, who has spent the past three decades living in Roslyn with her husband. Westergard expertly incorporates personal events, audio recordings, historical insights, and interactive maps to paint a vivid portrait of the Gerrys’ extraordinary achievements and many contributions to the area.

Westergard commented on the project, saying, “their legacy speaks volumes about the power of getting involved, keeping culture alive, and showing respect for where we come from. By highlighting their epic journey and the massive impact they’ve had on the village, I’m not just paying homage—I’m also emphasizing the broader significance of their work for the community and beyond.”

Journey through history with Roger and Peggy from their meeting in San Francisco in 1942 to their marriage in Philadelphia in 1944, when they began developing a shared understanding of 18th- and 19th-century architecture. Travel to Guam and 1950s Japan before returning to a decaying Roslyn in 1958.

The Gerry StoryMap is an extraordinarily valuable educational resource that explores how the lives of one couple shaped the future of an entire village. This project is also continually evolving and will soon incorporate interviews with residents who were part of the community during the Gerry era. In the 21st century, Roger and Peggy Gerry’s legacy continues to thrive as the Roslyn Landmark Society carries forward their mission, preserving Roslyn’s charm and cultural heritage through historic preservation for generations to come to experience and appreciate.

Access the Gerry StoryMap under the “Profiles” tab on

—Story courtesy of the Roslyn Landmark Society

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