At the end of each session, students signed a safe driving pledge. (Contributed photos)

Massapequa Students Take A Safe Driving Journey

Massapequa High School juniors and seniors learned the consequences of distracted and impaired driving from the safety of the gymnasium. The Save a Life Tour came to the school on March 27, which featured simulation machines on which students could explore the consequences of bad driving decisions.

Students learned on the simulators so they could experience the consequences of impaired and distracted driving in a safe setting.

The comprehensive, high-impact safe driving awareness program is designed to educate and inform students about the potentially deadly consequences they can make as drivers. It was sponsored by the Massapequa PTSA. Following a video presentation, students could go to the gymnasium throughout the day to use the simulators.

At one machine, students put on a pair of goggles that simulated being impaired by drugs or alcohol. To demonstrate the effects of distracted driving, they had to navigate the streets at the other machine while holding a cell phone and responding to text messages.

“Just as the students are starting to drive and are excited to drive, it’s important for them to remember there are a lot of distractions on the road,” said PTSA President Sheila Grauling. “Their safety, and everybody else’s safety, is very important.”

After completing the simulations, students signed a safe driving pledge. They also completed surveys about the program.

Students said that it definitely made an impact. Senior Colleen Emanuele explained that it was a safe way for students to experience actual risks.

“It’s a safer, proactive way to teach us about distracted driving without having to learn the hard way,” added senior Bianca Della Porta. “We’re really lucky that they provide us with this opportunity because this program can save lives.

—Submitted by the Massapequa School District

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