Lauren McGowan, Kathy Rivera, Robert Brull, Dr. Nellie Taylor-Walthrust, Monica Dolley, and volunteers Ashley Gentiluomo & Alex Breslin (Photo by North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center)

Marilyn Lichtman Foundation Gives $10k Grant To Guidance Center

North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center, Long Island’s leading not-for-profit children’s mental health center, is honored to announce that The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation has donated $10,000 towards supporting the Children’s Center at Nassau County Family Court.
The Children’s Center at Nassau Family Court is a program of North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center that offers a place of respite for children whose families have business in court. More than a babysitting service, the Children’s Center is an early-learning environment that fosters developmental skills through age-appropriate play, activities, and free books for the children to take home. Every aspect of the Children’s Center is designed with kids in mind, allowing them to explore new things in a structured, professionally supervised way.
“Many of the organizations we support involve children in many different situations,” said Robert Brull, President of the Marilyn Lichtman Foundation. “As a former investigator, I’ve seen what trauma can fall upon children from court cases, especially cases involving divorce and/or child abuse. Giving a child the ability to feel safe and comfortable while parents or guardians go through the court’s justice system is a positive step in reducing emotional damage to the child.”
Dr. Nellie Taylor-Walthrust, Director of the Leeds Place — Serving Young People, expressed immense gratitude towards the Marilyn Lichtman Foundation’s generous donation. “Our goal at the Children’s Center is to keep kids out of the courtroom and provide a safe place for them to grow,” said Dr. Taylor-Walthrust. “The Center is free for any family with business at Nassau County Family Court, so this grant will allow us to continue and expand upon this important program. Thank you to Robert and the Marilyn Lichtman Foundation for caring about our children.”
The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation honors the legacy of Marilyn Lichtman through philanthropic contributions to those in need throughout our community, aiming to enhance the lives of future generations.
—Submitted by North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center

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