Munsey Park fifth-graders showed their family members how to complete the challenge during the school’s Robotics Expo. (Photos by Manhasset Public Schools)

Manhasset Elementary Schools Host Second Annual Robotics Expo

Fifth-graders from the Manhasset Public Schools recently showcased their knowledge and love of robotics during their Robotics Expo. Shelter Rock Elementary School held its expo on Jan. 10 and 11 and Munsey Park Elementary School held its expo on Jan. 11. Family and friends were invited to join as the students shared the great work that they have been doing in the classroom through Project Lead the Way.
The fifth-graders kicked off the event, now in its second year, by presenting what they learned about robots. This included how robots can go into areas that are too dangerous for humans and bring back helpful information. They then shared the robotics challenge that they were tasked with in class. Each group researched a different biome and created a biome board on the floor which their robot could navigate through. The goal was to build and modify their robot so that it could remove the “toxic waste” (three cubes) that had been illegally dumped in their biome.
During the event, family members were encouraged to take part in the challenge. With one student timing them, participants had to move all three toxic waste cubes out of the biome, using a controller to navigate the robot. Guests also viewed each team’s tri-fold board which outlined their research about their biome of study and type of robot. The fifth-graders had fun educating their special guests and showcasing the great work they have been doing in the world of robotics.
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