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Local Retired Doctor Launches New Novel

A new novel by local Flower Hill resident and retired physician Mitch Maiman, The Rainbow Diary, takes you on a remarkable journey through the realms of life, death, and the hereafter, and immerses the reader in an uplifting account that defies expectations and provokes profound contemplation.

Kenneth Talbot’s battle with pancreatic cancer has stretched over three and a half year grueling years, far beyond the eighteen months he was given to survive. With the sands of time slipping away, his reflections paint a vivid portrait of human emotion mirroring the joys and regrets, and the triumphs and the heartaches that define us all. In his final hours, he embarks on a quest to reconcile his tumultuous relationship with his son Brian, and express the depth of his feelings for MaryAnn, his devoted nurse. As his consciousness hovers between past and present, Kenneth gains keen insight into the human psyche, grappling with the concepts of love, forgiveness, regret, and fatherhood.

The Rainbow Diary is a unique and inspiring narrative that resonates deeply with anyone who has felt the sharp pain of losing a loved one or grappled with the haunting anxiety of mortality. Motivated by and originated in response to the author’s premature loss of a close personal friend from untreatable cancer, it is a touching tale that invites you to embrace the uncertainty and glory of each person’s fate. With a splendid grace and uncanny authenticity, it presents a compelling vision of what may await us in the afterlife and offers a message that transcends the boundaries of conventional fiction.

The Rainbow Diary recently launched in February of 2024 and has received excellent reviews and heartwarming comments, such as “a great read with wonderful insight” and “stunningly beautiful.” The book, Maiman’s second, is independently published with Palmetto Publishing. Mitch first demonstrated his literary prowess in his poignant and eye-opening first novel, Every Third Night, delving into the harsh realities of medical training in a dehumanizing, urban setting. The Rainbow Diary is available in hardcover and softcover versions as well as eBook form. Alternatively, it is also now available in the Port Washington Public Library. Visit for more information or to purchase the book through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

About the Author: Mitch Maiman and his wife, Dr. Judy Levy, have been Flower Hill residents for the past 29 years, and both their adult children graduated from Schreiber High School. His two young grandchildren, Lucas and Ava, also reside in Port Washington. As Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of Gynecologic Oncology at major New York City academic hospitals, he has been recognized for his numerous clinical, educational and research contributions in his field and his devotion to the teaching of residents and fellows. His lifelong experience in medicine and oncology have given him the keen insight to portray some of the complex issues depicted in this delicate and imaginative work.

—Submitted by Mitch Maiman

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