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Landmark Society Treats School District Teachers To Historic Bus Tour

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, the Roslyn Landmark Society hosted a private bus tour for a dozen Roslyn School District teachers. Led by co-president Howard Kroplick, trustee Carol Clarke, and trustee Craig Westergard, the tour provided educators with a firsthand experience of the area’s most iconic sites, structures, and landmarks.

The event, organized by trustee Mitchell Schwartz and Michael Goldspiel, Roslyn’s Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, showcased a journey through time, offering insights into the roots of Roslyn’s cultural heritage.

Among the notable stops on the tour was Roslyn High School, steeped in a legacy dating back to its original construction in 1925. Situated on land donated by Clarence H. Mackay, whose influence extended through the Commercial Cable Telegraph Company that later became ITT (International Telephone & Telegraph), the school serves as a testament to Roslyn’s historic prominence. Notably, the tour highlighted the Horse Tamer statue, which was salvaged from the Harbor Hill estate’s redevelopment.

The Mackay Estate’s Gate Lodge, the grand entrance to the Harbor Hill estate, stood as a reminder of the area’s opulent past. Meanwhile, Gerry Pond Park, home to the Horse Tamer Statue and a Paper Mill, provided a glimpse into Roslyn’s transformation from farmland to a thriving community hub.

The tour told the story of William Cullen Bryant’s determination to build Bryant Hall as a lecture hall and reading room for the people of Roslyn in 1874. Additionally, the tour emphasized Roslyn’s educational legacies; the Village School site, as well as, the Emil T. and Nellie Rinas House, which stands on the site of the former segregated school for Black children.

As the tour continued past St. Mary’s Church and Trinity Church, teachers gained perspective of Roslyn’s architectural diversity and ambition.

The journey also included the Bryant Library, known as the Roslyn War Memorial Building, underscoring the community’s enduring respect for its veterans.

The tour marked a successful collaboration between the Roslyn Landmark Society and Roslyn School District. With a shared commitment to Roslyn’s heritage, both organizations aim to continue enriching educators’ understanding of the community’s vibrant history and culture as they shape the minds of future generations.

You can enjoy this enlightening tour as well by following this link to a shared Google Map of the route as well as Profile links to learn more.

—Story courtesy of the Roslyn Landmark Society

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