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Herricks Hosts Visitors From Korea

International students experience a day in America

KISS Products, a renowned global leader in beauty and personal care products, proudly hosted the 18th annual KISS Vision Program, an overseas study-abroad initiative that welcomed middle school students from Hamyang County, South Korea. The event commenced on January 11th, 2024, with a warm welcome and kickoff at KISS Products’ headquarters in Port Washington, marking the beginning of a transformative week-long educational experience.

A notable highlight of the eight-day program was the longstanding partnership with Herricks High School, one of the top school districts on Long Island. On January 12th, students from Hamyang had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in American school life by actively participating in classes alongside Herricks High School students. This collaboration facilitated firsthand experiences and collaborative activities, enriching the cultural exchange.

During this special day, Hamyang students not only attended classes but also shared insights about South Korea with Herricks High School students. Topics ranged from modern and traditional aspects, such as the globally popular “KPOP” and “K-Drama,” to discussions on Korean cuisine, including the preparation of popular dishes. The Herricks students were also introduced to the rich cultural heritage of South Korea, particularly the traditional dress “Hanbok,” providing a unique learning experience for Herricks High School students.

Hamyang’s students showed off their prowess in the Herricks gym!

“Laughing together in class and discussing lessons felt like my hometown school life. Thanks to them, my view of the USA got even more positive,” said Hajin Lee, a Hamyang student.

“Herricks High School’s kind friends, passionate teachers, and free class atmosphere were different and enjoyable. Thanks to Herricks High School, I had a new cultural school experience and created lasting memories.”

The feeling was mutual for Herricks students. “It was a once in a lifetime experience. Such a wonderful way to learn about South Korea’s culture and to teach them about ours,” said Alexia Ranallo.

“The KISS Exchange Program was so enlightening and I would love to do it again if I could,” said Davinder Chopra, another Herricks student.

The success of this partnership which began in 2019, prompted KISS Products to continue its partnership with Herricks High School, fostering global education and cultural exchange among youth. This ongoing collaboration has proven invaluable, with both Hamyang and Herricks students benefiting significantly from their shared experiences.

Hamyang students experienced American schooling for a day at Herricks High School.

Following this enriching exchange, the Vision program ventured into major cities like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston. The itinerary included visits to renowned tourist attractions and prestigious Ivy League universities such as Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and MIT. This immersive experience aimed to instill a global outlook in the students, inspiring their educational pursuits and fostering a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.

About KISS Vision Program
Initiated in 2005, the KISS Vision Program exemplifies KISS Products’ commitment to global education and cultural exchange. This program extends a coveted invitation to middle school students from Hamyang County, providing them with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of school life and culture in the United States. Seventeen talented students were selected through a rigorous process that involved participating in an English language contest organized by KISS Products in collaboration with the Hamyang County Government. The selection process included submitting individual essays, self-introduction videos, and one-on-one video interviews, offering insights into each student’s goals and values. “The purpose of this program is to empower young individuals in Hamyang to envision greater dreams for the future, evolve into global leaders, and contribute to the development of Korea and the world through the opportunity to study in the United States.” The 18th annual KISS Vision Program event spanned from January 11th to January 18th, 2024.

—Original press release provided by KISS Products

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