AP Biology students from Carle Place High School recently visited the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Laboratory (Courtesy of the Carle Place School District).

Carle Place Students Experiment In DNA Lab

Carle Place High School students in Ms. Jeannine Hengevel’s Advanced Placement Biology class recently visited the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Laboratory to further their scientific studies.

The students engaged in a day-long, hands-on lab session utilizing scientific techniques like micropipetting, gel electrophoresis, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Their objective was to isolate their HRV-1 gene from mitochondrial DNA.

Upon receiving the results, students will be instructed on analyzing their gene sequences. This analysis will enable them to compare their sequences with each other and with samples from diverse global populations. Through this comparison, they aim to gain genetic insights into the geographical origins of their families.

— Submitted by the Carle Place School District

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