Dr. Corinna Lau (Photo from Perspectives Physical Therapy)

Business Spotlight: Perspectives Physical Therapy

Port Washington resident Dr. Corinna Lau opened Perspectives Physical Therapy in 2021 with the goal of helping women through changes that happen during the transition to motherhood and more. While she primarily focuses on peripartum rehab, she treats a large age range from teenager to octogenarian.

As a pelvic health physical therapist, Dr. Lau focuses on the rehab of the tissue surrounding and within the pelvis. She shared that, “This can be anything from core recovery and reactivation post delivery, to rehab from abdominal surgery, to regaining continence and not peeing or pooping your pants, to pelvic pain issues and beyond.”

Dr. Lau was a human physiology major in undergrad and knew she wanted to get into the field of health. While learning about the different aspects of health care, she gravitated toward rehabilitation. She went onto Physical Therapy school at Columbia.

“I wanted to help people who had transplants and people who are weakened by their medications and circumstances and give them a crack at their new lot in life,” said Dr. Lau. “And I loved it.”

Dr. Lau went on to work at New York-Presbyterian Hospital as a Physical Therapist, where she still works part time as a Senior Physical Therapist.

As a recreational exerciser in Crossfit, weightlifting, and running and an experienced Physical Therapist, Dr. Lau is very body aware, but after delivering her first child, she realized how foreign her body felt to her. Dr. Lau remembers stepping over an ottoman and thinking “What is going on with my pelvis?” She looked into the options for help with physical therapy after giving birth and realized there was not much available.

“I decided to get into this aspect of physical therapy and really dive into women’s health, pelvic health, rehab post-pregnancy and delivery,” said Dr. Lau. “I started my own business and really want to help people locally.”

While pelvic health narrows into one part of your body, Dr. Lau’s approach to pelvic health at Perspectives Physical Therapy is whole body.

“When you think of your pelvis, your core is connected to your pelvis, your legs are connected to your pelvis, your rib cage, all of your system is kind of supported by the pelvis,” explained Dr. Lau. “So, you may have a shoulder injury and you can’t raise your arm as much without moving your ribcage and moving your ribcage affects your abs, with directly kind of affects your pelvic floor function too. ”

Dr. Lau shared that she’s not the type of therapist that is going to force patients to make drastic changes to their life style. She prefers to work with her patients’ goals.

“So, it’s looking at how your whole body is moving and not even correcting it but optimizing it to how you can live your life the way you want to,” said Dr. Lau. “It’s really important to incorporate patients’ goals and incorporate what kind of lifestyle you have.”

Patients get a unique and one on one experience with Dr. Lau. She doesn’t double book her appointments and makes sure she gives her patients her full attention for their 45 minute appointment. In addition, Dr. Lau’s practice isn’t insurance based, giving her the opportunity to be accessible to everyone and not have the limitations some kinds of insurance have on health care.

To learn more about Dr. Lau and Perspectives Physical Therapy visit or call 516-243-7041.

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