Seymour Kaplan served in the Korean War (Photos from Aimee Gershberg)

Woodbury Resident Turns 95

On May 18, Seymour Kaplan turned 96. He has lived in Woodbury for over 50 years.

Kaplan was born in Brooklyn, NY on May 18, 1929. Growing up, he was a boy scout, and he still reminisces and is very proud of his time as a scout. He has many lifelong friends and a plethora of extraordinary life stories. He is a veteran of the Korean War. This May, Kaplan went with Honor Flight Long Island on an incredible trip to Washington, DC, to honor the veterans.

Kaplan worked as a Certified Public Accountant in private practice, and although he is retired, if you ask him any accounting questions, he is sure to be quick with the correct answer. He is sharp as a tack and loves his witty jokes.


Seymour Kaplan with Honor Flight Long Island for a trip to Washington DC to honor the veterans

He is a member of Midway Jewish Center. He was married to his beloved wife, Anneva, for 55 years until her passing in 2013. He has three children, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.


Seymour Kaplan’s secrets to living a healthy 95 years:
1. Choose good parents
2. No smoking and no drinking
3. One red radish a day
4. Minimize coffee (he has never liked coffee)
5. Have amazing grandchildren
6. Maintain a healthy weight

Happy 95th Birthday, Seymour Kaplan!

—Submitted by Aimee Gershberg (granddaughter of Seymour Kaplan)

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