Before the ceremony began, students showed their excitement. (Photos courtesy of Levittown Public Schools)

Wisdom Lane Eighth-Graders Begin A New Chapter

Wisdom Lane Middle School eighth-graders proudly closed one chapter of their educational careers and stepped forward into another as high schoolers during their moving-up ceremony.
Principal John Avena related students’ careers and experiences to a sycamore tree, which can grow tall and live long if allowed to flourish. “In our fast-paced and ever-changing world,” he said, “the sycamore tree, which can grow up to 175 feet tall and live for 600 years, beckons us to resist hasty actions and appreciate the value of patience and foresight.”

Naila Mahmood and Jenna Mohamed presented the eighth-grade address.

“Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, whether they be academic, extracurricular, or personal,” Superintendent Todd Winch said to students. “Take risks, step out of your comfort zone and never be afraid to chase your dreams… Success is not measured solely by grades or accolades, but by the impact that you have on the world around you.”

Division Avenue High School Principal John Coscia welcomed students to their next educational destination and shared examples of the exciting prospects ahead of them. “What makes Division Avenue such a special place to attend is that when you walk down the hallways, everybody genuinely cares about each other,” he said.

Under the direction of Anthony Cornella, the chamber orchestra performed “Jupiter” from Gustav Holt’s “The Planets” before students Naila Mahmood and Jenna Mohamed gave the eighth-grade address.

“These three years in middle school have shown each and every one of us that everyone has their own potential to strive for,” Jenna said. “Whether it’s a leader, an athlete, a musician, a born artist – each one of us has their own special talents that helped us flourish into the wonderful young adults we have become today.”

“While the challenges we’ve encountered have undoubtedly shaped us, it makes our presence here today all the more worthwhile,” Naila added. “Graduation signifies not an end point, but rather a new beginning to unexplored journeys in our lives.”

Abigail Jimenez and Yashswini Malhotra presented the class gift: a school logo that will be installed on the floor in the main lobby.

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