Quality of Life Task Force continues to protect local quality of life by tackling eyesores. (Contributed photo)

Town Demolishes Zombie Home in Farmingdale

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Lou Imbroto today announced the successful demolition of a long-dilapidated zombie home in the Farmingdale community. The vacant residential property had been a source of concern for residents due to its deteriorating condition and numerous safety hazards.

“Nothing is more important to the Town Board and I than protecting our quality of life,” said Supervisor Joseph Saladino. “The demolition of this hazardous structure was a necessary step to keep neighbors safe. Not only was this property an eyesore, but it was also a threat to the well-being of our community due to its serious building violations and exposed electrical system.”

During a thorough inspection, alarming building code violations and dangerous conditions were uncovered both inside and outside the property. The inspection revealed a laundry list of issues, including an incomplete electrical system, exposed wiring, dilapidating structure, moisture damage, uninhabitable interior conditions, and other safety hazards. Numerous inoperable vehicles including an RV were observed on the property, all completely filled with household items, trash, and debris. The property was thus found to pose significant risks to public safety and welfare, prompting immediate action from the town’s Quality of Life Taskforce.

“The removal of this blighted property is a testament to our commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents,” said Councilman Lou Imbroto, Chairman of the Town’s Quality of Life Taskforce. “We will continue working tirelessly to identify and address similar issues throughout our town.”

The Code Enforcement Bureau of the Department of Planning and Development is charged with the enforcement of all codes, rules, and regulations pertaining to zoning, housing, and public safety. It is expressly designed to handle requests of citizens regarding possible violations.  To file a complaint, or to register a zombie property in your neighborhood, please visit

–Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay

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