Jericho High School's Chemistry teacher, Ms. Theone Rinaudo (Photo from the JerEcho)

Theone Rinaudo Closes the Curtain on Teaching

By Grace Gagliano and Sara Zimmerman

Chemistry teacher Theone Rinaudo is retiring after teaching for 25 years in the Jericho School District and 40 years in her career. Prior to teaching at Jericho, Ms. Rinaudo taught for 10 years at H. Frank Carey High School and 5 years at St. Andrews.

Ms. Rinaudo said that initially she had a tough transition during her first year at Jericho. “I was a mother of 2. I had a 5-year-old and a 9-month-old and it was a big jump.” Eventually, after about 6 months she truly felt at home at Jericho.

Ms. Rinaudo has also been involved in the theater program at Jericho High School since 2012. She was asked by one of her senior students to step in as choreographer after the former choreographer retired. He tried to convince her to do so by telling her that she only needed to join for one year because he was about to graduate. Ms. Rinaudo credits Jericho’s chorus teacher Mr. Verderber for his support and encouragement. After her first year, the rest of the students begged her to stay. Eventually she became the musical director in 2015.

Ms. Rinaudo’s colleague Ms. Risi said that she was her biggest supporter. She wishes that Ms. Rinaudo has time to relax during her retirement since she always takes on many tasks. She hopes that she and Ms. Rinaudo can still continue to work together on outside adventures.

Art teacher Ms. Pillich said that she is so thankful to have worked with Ms.Rinaudo in the theater program. She is inspired by Ms. Rinaudo’s dedication and hard work, and wishes her a joyous and relaxing retirement full of time with family, amazing adventures and lots of laughter.

Student Shubhan M. said Ms. Rinaudo is a teacher in every sense of the word. He learned more from Ms. Rinaudo then he has learned in any classroom. He said he’ll miss her speeches about hard work and the importance of responsibility. He’ll miss her supportive presence and her ability to overcome any challenge that comes her way.

Ms. Rinaudo’s parting words are, “Its always safe to stay in your comfort zone, but that’s not where the great things happen. The great things happen when you take chances. You are not going to get to be great unless you step outside of that little bubble.”

Her advice to everyone is to take chances, look for the adventures and step outside of familiar territory.

Grace Gagliano and Sara Zimmerman are student writers for the JerEcho, the Jericho High School Newspaper

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