North Hempstead Town Councilmember Mariann Dalimonte and Port Washington Water District Commissioner Mindy Germain on the Sustainable Garden Tour in Port Washington (Photo from the Town of North Hempstead)

The Sustainable Garden Tour In Port Washington

The Port Washington Water District and ReWild Long Island hosted its third Sustainable Garden Tour. Town of North Hempstead Councilmember Mariann Dalimonte attended the tour with Port residents and local leaders.

The tour features stops at resident’s home and local establishments that have cultivated eco-friendly gardens. The tour offers attendees an opportunity to observe and learn about beautiful, low-water, earth-friendly landscapes around Port Washington. 

The tour included the following stops:

  • Peggy Maslow’s garden: Helps to attract birds
  • Francine Furtado’s garden: Replaced lawn grass with trees, shrubs and wildflowers
  • Meg and Charlie Desiervo’s garden: Featuring many sustainable plants and an elegant design
  • Joanne Strongin’s garden: Thrives with limited water
  • Jillian Dresser’s garden: Provides bountiful food options for local insects, wildlife, and humans
  • Kathy Coley’s garden: Transitioned from traditional and exotic plants to native plants that benefit the local environment
  • Pat Higgins’ garden: Thrives with minimal grass
  • Kim and John Keiserman’s garden: Integrated native plants into an already existing formal garden
  • Kim and John Keiserman’s Baxter’s Pond Foundation garden: Showcased native plantings in a public space
  • The Garden of Port Washington Water District Commissioners Mindy Germain, David Brackett and Peter Meyer: Sets an example of water-wise landscaping

To learn more about growing and maintaining a sustainable garden, visit or

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