The Waterfront Center’s oyster dredge, Ida May, will sail with an onboard historian from the Historical Center (Photo from the Waterfront Center’s website)

The Oyster Bay Historical Society & The Waterfront Center To Host Lecture Tour Series

By Dr. Denice Evans-Sheppard

The Oyster Bay Historical Society has decided to collaborate with the Waterfront Center to provide the community with an educational and historical site-based learning experience about Oyster Bay and its pristine Harbor.

“The purpose of providing historic educational tours is to gain further insight and understanding of our harbor through the lens of authors and educators who have written various publications on the North Shore Gold Coast waterways,” said Dr. Denice Evans-Sheppard, executive director of the Oyster Bay Historical Society.

“This is the first time something like this has been done with the Waterfront,” said George Ellis, the executive director of the Waterfront Center.

The History on the Harbor Lecture Series will begin on June 23 from 3:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m. with Matinecock Tribal Nation’s cultural educator Tecumseh Ceasar. The lecture will include artifacts, drumming and a showcase of Indigenous items for review and purchase during his lecture. On July 13, author and journalist Bill Bleyer will engage his audience with a lecture of his numerous publications from earlier colonialism, Captain Kidd, and Rumrunning just to name a few.

On August 24, Elizabeth Roosevelt, author and lifelong resident of Oyster Bay Cove Neck will provide an understanding of her life on the harbor through sailing and her family’s nautical experiences throughout generations.

“As a teen, I would ride my horse, walk into town and then sail around the harbor,” said Elizabeth Roosevelt, Gift Shop Windfall employee at the Oyster Bay Historical Society.

“Working at the Historical Society, I saw a desire and need to incorporate history through a historical timeline inclusive of people, industry and luxury” said Dr. Evans-Sheppard.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about our shared life experiences through history on the Ida May boat” said Roosevelt.

Native American artifacts will be on display and available for purchase. Authored books and original photos of the harbor will also be available for purchase from Elizabeth Roosevelt and Bill Bleyer.

Check both the Oyster Bay Historical Society and Waterfront Center’s website pages to inquire further about available seating and pricing.

Dr. Denice Evans-Sheppard is the Executive Director of the Oyster Bay Historical Society

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