Left: First place winner, Aleta Crawford with her work Autumn Moon. Center: Second place winner, Steven Vando with his work Daybreak. Right: Third place winner, John Micheals with his work Primary Pyramids.

The Art Guild Presents Primary Colors

The Art Guild of Port Washington recently unveiled a new art exhibit, Primary Colors.

According to The Art Guild website, “Primary colors, blue, yellow and red, are the colors from which all other colors can be made. Artists have used these colors as the basis for their artwork for centuries. The use of primary colors makes any work of art vibrant and exciting.”

The exhibit asked artists to submit artwork demonstrating the stunning effects of using a primary color palette with the colors blue, yellow and red being the primary artistic element.

On Sunday, Feb. 4, The Art Guild hosted the opening reception and awards ceremony for the juried competition. The Art Guild thanks the juror, Nina Sangimino, Curator at the Long Island Museum, who presented the awards.

The following artists placed in the award ceremony:
First place: Aleta Crawford—Autumn Moon
Second Place- Steven Vando—Daybreak
Third Place-John Micheals—Primary Pyramids

The Art Guild recognized the following artists with honorable mentions:
Ilene Silberstein—Hues of Red, White and Blue
Anne Siefert—Trees, Hither Woods Late Afternoon
Denis Ponsot—Le Forgeron

The Primary Colors exhibit is on display at The Art Guild, located at 200 Port Washington Blvd., untill Feb. 24.

The Art Guild of Port Washington, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating an inclusive and enriching home for visual arts education, exploration and exhibition. It is an organization open to all people with a common goal to advance the visual arts. Visit to learn more.

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