Students Celebrate Native American Unit With Collaborative Project

Fourth-graders from Manhasset’s Shelter Rock Elementary School recently wrapped up their Native American unit with a hands-on diorama project. Each fourth-grade class invited family members into the school to help with the activity. The goal of the project was for students to create their own mini Algonquin or Iroquois village by applying what they learned in class.
Students and their family members used craft supplies from home and materials from the classroom to construct their village in a box. They created wigwams and longhouses, elements of nature, people, animals and more to incorporate into their dioramas.
After all the classes completed their dioramas, they displayed their projects in museum-like fashion for all the other fourth-graders to see. The project was a great way to showcase all that they had learned about Native American life.
—Submitted by Manhasset Public Schools

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