Seaford High School held a ceremony to recognize the first graduates from its Electrical Training Center. (Photo courtesy of the Seaford School District)

Seaford’s Electrical Training Center Graduates Blaze A Trail

The inaugural year of the Electrical Training Center at Seaford High School was a success, and that was evident at the graduation ceremony for nine seniors.

Each student completed 450 hours of training, including extensive hands-on electrical work. Seaford became one of only a few schools to offer the program onsite. It allows students to remain on campus for a full day, instead of traveling to a vocational school. Additionally, participants receive their certification in one year instead of two.

“We strive to provide the most cutting-edge opportunities to our students,” Principal Nicole Schnabel said.

The Electrical Training Center became a reality because the vision of the high school administration was supported by the board of education, central administration, teachers and guidance counselors. Seaford’s facilities staff did extensive work last summer to convert a room in the technology hallway.

“This team effort is probably my proudest accomplishment as a principal,” Ms.Schnabel said. ” took every department working together to make it happen.”

Superintendent Dr. Adele Pecora said upon her visits throughout the year to the Electrical Training Center, she found students highly engaged in their electrical projects. It has created another path for Seaford Scholars to be successful after high school.

Xavier Arthur, Robert McLaughlin, Leonel Urbina and Krysta Tewksbury from the Electrical Training Center highlighted the success of the program and the options this creates for graduates. They handed out competition certificates, as well as citations from State Sen. Steve Rhoads.

This year’s graduates are Even Alfago, Justin Cettina, Kyle D’Aniello, Cole DePaolis, James Dillon, Michael LoBasso Jr., John McCormack, Ella Tietz and Michael Wittenstein. The “trailblazers,” as Ms. Schnabel described them, were so successful that word spread and enrollment in the program is expected to grow to 20 students next year.

“It was everything I expected and more,” said Justin, who plans to use his electrical skills to get a job after high school. “I liked the hands-on experience that we all got.”

Ella added that participating in the program helped her establish lifelong connections while Michael Wittenstein said the biggest benefit for him was learning how to adapt and overcome problems.

–Information provided by the Seaford School District

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