From the left: Ryan Shanahan (5), John Spinoso (24), Cole Reyes (0), Liam McCarvill (3), Matty Huszar (17), Zach Tessler (30), Kenny Daly (23), Jake VanderPutten (33), Tyler Brahe (34), Ryan Abend (11), Jack Rothenberg (13) and Coach Ken Daly (Photo Credit: Laurie Daly)

Port Juniors Win Island Garden Varsity Basketball Championship For Fourth Straight Season

By Kenneth Daly 

Just as they completed their junior year of high school, Port won the Island Garden League Varsity Basketball Championship for a fourth consecutive season.

After winning the prior three Spring/Summer/Fall 2023 championships, Port beat the tough Jaguars, 52-50, to win the Spring 2024 championship. 

Matty Huszar and Jack Rothenberg returned for the championship game to provide a spark, Zach Tessler hit four key free throws, Kenny Daly led the scoring attack with 16 points, and the go-ahead basket, and Cole Reyes left it all out there on both ends of the floor in the final minutes of a nail-biting victory.

Port had previously beaten the Warriors 70-48 in the first round, led by Ryan Shanahan and Liam McCarvill, who combined for 41 points, with Ryan Abend providing strong rebounding. They then beat the Renegades 85-63 in the semifinal as Jake VanderPutten, John Spinoso and Tyler Brahe combined for 40 points. 

The PYA again sponsored the team, and the boys were mentored by Marc Daly and Nick Spinoso, who came back to coach and teach the boys the importance of hard work and sportsmanship. 

Head Coach Ken Daly is a Port Washington resident and the President of St. Thomas Aquinas College, which offers $50,000 four-year scholarships for local community members. Visit to learn more.

The boys celebrated with a team BBQ and pool party right after the game. Now, the team will begin the Summer League. After, the boys will start their Senior year and look forward to more success on the court and in the classroom.

Kenneth Daly is the Head Coach and President of St. Thomas Aquinas College

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