New turf at Lions Field (Photos from the Port Washington Youth Activities)

New Turf: The Port Washington Youth Activities Introduces New Fields

The Port Washington Youth Activities (PYA) unveiled its new turf fields on Saturday, April 13. The fields have been a long-term goal of the PYA for quite some time now but they’re excited to have these new fields and new backstops for the softball and baseball programs for children ages 5-15 years old.

The PYA has been planning this for over the past five years and the PYA Board and Field Committee have been collaborating to make this a reality.

They first established the idea, then what work had to be done and who could do it. After that was the cost and raising the funds for it. PYA relies exclusively on revenue from registrations, private contributions, and fundraising. The fields were supported entirely by fundraisers which have become exciting yearly events that help bring the PYA Community together. The events include The Spring Softball Bash, Golf Outing, Harvey Lacrosse Tournament, Annual Gala, and Hoopfest. They are planning a Pickleball Tournament soon with Sportime of Port Washington.

The turf fields provide the PYA the ability to maximize the use of the fields. This eliminates the cancellation of games due to rain earlier in the day and allows continuous play on the fields.
The turf fields are weather-friendly, more durable, require lower maintenance, and provide a more consistent field for the players. The backstops have padding and netting that help provide a safer environment for the players and spectators.

PYA over the years has done many exciting projects to help enhance the player, parent, and spectator experience. Some of the projects that have been done within the past five years include the Snack Shop and deck being re-done, hydration stations being added, a fitness station, wi-fi, bathroom facilities upgraded, drainage, and plantings.

Future plans include the implementation of robotic mowing, courtyard area and seating area enhancements, and additional turfing of more fields.

The PYA continues to improve and enhance its facilities to ensure the best possible space for young kids in the community to pursue sports and activities. They find ways for fans and players of each sport to be able to enjoy what they offer.

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