Mineola Receives $4.5M From NY Forward Program

Governor Kathy Hochul announced in late January that the Village of Mineola will receive $4.5 million in funding as a Long Island region winner of the NY Forward program. The NY Forward program was implemented to support development and implementation of a revitalization plan in community downtowns.

Mayor Paul A. Pereira stated, “The Village is grateful to Governor Hochul and her staff, the Empire State Development office, the REDC, and all those that saw the Village of Mineola as a worthy recipient of this NY Forward award. I would also like to thank our NYS senators, Jack Martins and Kevin Thomas, and our NYS Assemblyman Ed Ra for their support throughout this process. This award will be put to good use for the continued growth and development of Mineola’s downtown. The Village of Mineola has been leading the way in downtown revitalization, smart growth, and transit-oriented development for nearly two decades. Mineola has served as an example to other communities as to how you can both meet housing demands on Long Island while still protecting a suburban quality of life.”

Pereira continued, “This award not only validates the work that the Village has been doing for the last 20 years, but it also will help us prepare for the next 20 years. It will help the village better prepare, among other things, its infrastructure for the continued growth and development of our downtown. I would also like to recognize the Deputy Mayor of the Village, Janine Sartori, Trustee Paul Cusato, and Tom Savino, our community development coordinator, who, along with our Village Clerk, Bryan Rivera, was instrumental in getting this application in and over the goal line. Once again, thank you Governor. We hope to see you in Mineola in the near future to see all the great things we have going on and weigh in on our future potential.”

— Via the Village of Mineola’s website

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