Hampton Street School Library Media Specialist Diane Nodellon honored with NASTAR award from Nassau BOCES for innovation and exemplary technology leadership. (L-R): Mineola Deputy Superintendent Catherine Fishman, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Nagler, Hampton Street School Library Media Specialist and NASTAR award recipient Diane Nodell, District Director of Instructional Technology and Assessment Dr. Whittney Smith and Hampton Street School principal Leigh Shaw. (Courtesy of Mineola School District)

Mineola Library Specialist Receives Innovation Award

Hampton Street School Library Media Specialist Diane Nodell was recently honored with the NASTAR award by Nassau BOCES and the Nassau Association of School Technologists (NASTECH). The NASTAR awards recognize individuals for innovative and exemplary technology leadership in their Nassau County school district and beyond.

In a press release, the Mineola School District commented, “Ms. Nodell epitomizes the quintessential Library Media Specialist in a primary school due to her unwavering commitment to fostering a love for learning among students. With her extensive knowledge of children’s literature and EdTech resources, she creates a welcoming and enriching environment and goes above and beyond to curate diverse opportunities that foster learner agency and enhance digital literacy skills. Starting as early as Pre-K, her learners are experiencing in the fundamentals of coding, computational thinking and robotics through engaging and age-appropriate activities that foster their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Her innovative approach not only expands students’ horizons, but also instills confidence in their ability to navigate and contribute to the digital world.”

In addition to supporting students and staff in the library, Nodell also collaborates with Hampton Street School teachers to bring both literature and technology into classroom curricula and to ensure children have access to and aptitude for integrative tools.

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