Million Meals Initiative A Success

Manhasset Secondary School hosted a volunteer meal packing event in the gym on February 11. The event was in conjunction with the Million Meal Project and Rise Against Hunger. After attending a meal packing event in Westchester last year, Soraye Takahashi pitched it in her middle school council meeting as a service project. With so much enthusiasm, she and her advisor wound up pitching the secondary school principal and it is now an 8th~12th grade initiative with the support of many school clubs, such as the National Honor Society, Key Club, Tri-M Music Honor Society and the Junior Tower Club, to name a few.
The Million Meal Project welcomes any local organizations and families to participate by co-hosting events throughout the year or joining for larger events. The organization will also be donating $0.38 per meal packaged. Donations are welcome at any of the meal packaging events as well as on the Million Meal Project’s website.

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Kevin James Thornton’s super second act

By Amanda Olsen • May 10, 2024


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