Patrick Winberry Memorial Scholarship winner Jamie Lynn Williams (Photo courtesy of the Levittown Fire Department)

Memorial Day Scholarship Awards

By Clifford Archer

On Monday, May 27, following the annual Memorial Day parade, the Levittown Fire Department held their Memorial Day Scholarship Awards ceremony at their Gardeners Avenue headquarters.

Eight Memorial Scholarship awards named for past and now deceased members of the Department were presented to winning students and Department members as follows:

  • William Hammer Memorial Scholarship Award  – Scholarship Recipient: Sarah Fisher
  • Edward Junginger Memorial Scholarship Award – Scholarship Recipient: Jerry Kirchner – Ladder Co. 1
  • Daniel T. Seip Scholarship Award – Scholarship Recipient: Oliver Baer
  • Kevin McKinney Scholarship Award – Scholarship Recipient: Ava Olaya
  • Peter & Mim Fishbein Memorial Scholarship Award – Scholarship Recipient: Logan Warren
  • Ronald T. Kerwin Scholarship Award – Arielle Connolly- Rescue Co. 4
  • Patrick Winberry Memorial Scholarship – Scholarship Recipient: Jamie Lynn Williams
  • Eugene Nazarowitz Firemans Benevolent Association Scholarship – Scholarship Recipient: Arielle Connolly -Rescue Co. 4, and Jamie Lynn Williams

Clifford Archer is the Department Recording Secretary of the Levittown Fire Department.

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