Manhasset’s Chelsea Lim published In The Journal Of Global Ecology And Environment

Manhasset Secondary School junior Chelsea Lim was recently published in the Journal of Global Ecology and Environment. The journal is a peer-reviewed and open access international journal that aims to publish high-quality papers in all areas of ecology and the environment. 

Lim conducted research under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel Kyung who is affiliated with UCI Medical Center and STEM Science Center in Englewood, New Jersey for her article, Causes, Impacts and Policy Implications of Carbon Monoxide Air Pollution in Third World Countries.  

She conducted research investigating the correlation between carbon monoxide levels in Guatemala and urbanization, the influence of anthropogenic activities on this pressing issue, and legislative implications that may follow. Under the guidance of Dr. Kyung, Lim and her teammates collected data in several urban and rural areas of Guatemala that indicated a strong relationship between industrial development and carbon monoxide levels, as well as the urgent need for more effective government action to protect public health and reduce pollution.  

Congratulations, Chelsea Lim!




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