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Manhasset Public Schools Graduates Class Of 2024

On June 21, Manhasset Public Schools celebrated the graduation of the class of 2024. Under a blue sky, the students crossed the stage and entered the next chapter of their lives.

Among the speakers was Salutatorian Kate Wede. She mentioned how her class was affected by the pandemic and emerged stronger.

“We faced the initial hurdles of adjusting to a heavier workload, navigating our COVID to-dos and a hybrid school schedule… But as we settled into our stride, we learned to navigate these challenges, gaining confidence with each passing day,” Wede said. “Sophomore year was like hitting our first milestone marker. Life completely returned to normal. We enjoyed full sports seasons, a budget, and extracurricular activities this year, which taught us the importance of pacing ourselves. We began to understand that success in high school wasn’t about quick bursts of effort, but rather about consistent dedication.”

Wede discussed the second half of their high school experience, detailing the life lessons they learned in Junior year and the comradery of Senior year.

“Junior year was the heart of our marathon. Pressures with standardized tests and increased academic demands challenged us…,” said Wede. “Senior year… we saw the finish line approaching as we experienced both the joy of our accomplishments and the bittersweet reality of impending goodbyes.”

Superintendent Gaurav Passi reminded the graduates to remember those who supported them along the way.

”Today we celebrate a significant milestone: your evolution from childhood to young adulthood, a transformation that’s been unfolding for years before our very eyes,” said Superintendent Passi. “Let’s acknowledge that today’s a big day for the parents and families of the graduates. To them, it seems like just yesterday you graduated kindergarten, and in the blink of an eye, here you are graduating from high school. To them, you are their entire world. They will never be done caring for you, protecting you and loving you, so please remember to thank them.”

Superintendent Passi also recognized the incredible teachers, administrators and support staff that helped guide and inspire students throughout their high school experience. “Their dedication, passion and commitment to our students have truly been inspiring,” said Passi.

Principal Richard Roder told a story about a tightrope walker who made multiple passes over Niagra Falls doing more and more difficult stunts each time. The daredevil then reportedly asked a crowd whether they believed he could carry a person across the tightrope in a wheelbarrow. The crowd emphatically cheered. The tightrope walker then asked who would get into the wheelbarrow and they responded with silence. Roder then explained, “You’re part of a community that supports and believes in you and your potential. When you need guidance lean on your family, your friends, defend your mentors, and never be afraid to ask for help.”

“As you leave this campus today as Manhasset High School graduates know that we’re all proud of you, we all believe in you, and we’re confident that you will continue your personal growth towards being the best versions of yourselves. Congratulations to the Manhasset High School Class of 2024,” Roder said.

Congratulations to the class of 2024.


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