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Making A Splash At The Guidance Center

The walls of The Leed’s Place at North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center look a lot brighter thanks to the wonderful murals donated by Splashes of Hope. On December 20th, the nonprofit organization, dedicated to transforming environments “from clinical to colorful,” paid a visit to the Guidance Center’s Westbury location with the intention of bringing warmth and cheer to the space.

The Leed’s Place is home to a variety of specialized services benefiting the youth of Nassau County, including programs for pregnant & parenting teens and adolescents struggling with alcohol & substance use. Clients are now greeted by an expansive mural depicting “A Sea of Possibilities,” instilling hope in all who walk through the doors.

“Splashes of Hope has transformed our waiting areas into a welcoming, eye-catching, and positive environment for our clients and staff,” says Dr. Nellie Taylor-Walthrust, Director of The Leed’s Place. “It’s exciting to see children and their families closely examining the custom mural, pointing out the various details and landmarks they find interesting and fun. The art has brought a vibrant new life to The Leeds Place.”

“After meeting the staff at the Guidance Center and learning about their mission, we measured and assessed The Leeds Place and couldn’t wait to make a ‘splash’,” said Heather J. Buggee, Founder and CEO of Splashes of Hope. “To serve as a reflection of the positive energy, care and concern this staff exemplifies, Splashes of Hope created uplifting, thoughtful murals and focal points for families who enter the doors of the Guidance Center. We are grateful to have this important resource for children and families in crisis. Our intention is for the artwork to transform the space into a welcoming and uplifting environment.”

Laurence W. Levine Foundation, a longtime supporter of Splashes of Hope’s work, made the beautification of The Leed’s Place possible. “The Levine Foundation is well aware of the importance of mental health awareness and treatment for children and their families,” said Lesley Logue, a Director of the Levine Foundation. “Splashes of Hope transcends a once-dull space into a peaceful, calming backdrop to elicit a therapeutic response in a place like the Guidance Center. The designs, artistry and colors used can transform not only the walls, but the whole process for everyone who enters! We support Heather and all of Splashes of Hope as they bring comfort to those who are facing difficult times, splashing away some of the darkness by bringing more color to their lives.”

Thank you so much to Laurence W. Levine Foundation and Splashes of Hope for making this special project a reality!

About North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center
As the pre-eminent not-for-profit children’s mental health agency on Long Island, the Guidance Center is dedicated to restoring and strengthening the emotional well-being of children (from birth – age 24) and their families. The Guidance Center helps children and families address issues such as depression and anxiety; developmental delays; bullying; teen pregnancy; sexual abuse; teen drug and alcohol abuse; and family crises stemming from illness, death, trauma, and divorce. For more information about the Guidance Center, visit or call (516) 626-1971.

—Submitted by the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center

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