Port Washington News Magazine

Like the Port Washington News, which has been serving the community since 1903, this new magazine was born right at our Port Washington Main Street office.

For us, it was a challenging project. Not for editorial of technical reasons, but because we had to choose among the vast number of interesting people, important events and fun activities within a community the Port Washington News has been covering for well over 100 years, now with a complementary website www.portwashington-news.com. Yet, even with all that coverage, there is more to tell, and tell it in a way that is best achieved with a magazine.

Port Washington is such a welcoming and wonderful place that those who live here never want to leave. And those who do leave long to return. The location—bays on two sides and the Long Island Sound wrapping around—is a sailor’s, angler’s and nature lover’s heaven. Its proximity to Manhattan is eminently practical. And the sense of community? Well, when many of its residents talk about it, there are misty eyes and cracking voices.

That sense of community explains the phenomenal public schools. It explains the marvelous public library and other institutions and organizations. It explains the huge turnout for Pride in Port, Harbor Fest, the Red Stocking Revue and so many other philanthropic and just plain enjoyable events. And it explains why Port is such an easy place to love and a hard place to leave.

With Port Washington Magazine, we hope we have captured that spirit.

Distribution: Full Saturation to every resident of Port Washington

2020 Publication: November 11

Space & Copy Deadline: Two weeks prior to publication date


2018 New York Press Association (NYPA) Awards

Jennifer Fauci, Alex Nuñez and staff: Second Place, Best Magazine, Port Washington News Magazine

Alex Nuñez: First Place, Best Graphic Illustration, Port Washington News Magazine

2018 Fair Media Council FOLIO Awards

Jennifer Fauci, Alex Nuñez and staff: First Place, Best Magazine, Port Washington News Magazine

Jennifer Fauci: FIrst Place, Animal Welfare, Port Washington News Magazine

2017 New York Press Association (NYPA) Awards

Editor Jennifer Fauci, Designer Alex Nuñez and Anton Media Group staff: Third Place, Special Sections/Nice Publications – Glossy, Port Washington News Magazine