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Gold Coast Magazine

This magazine is a celebration of the people and lifestyle of the North Shore and the affluent Gold Coast of Long Island. In fact, the very words “Gold Coast” conjure images of elegance and leisure amid stately architecture and natural beauty. It is a name that is part of America’s cultural DNA because it is true, and has been since the 19th century.

Wealthy titans with names including Vanderbilt, Whitney, Phipps and, of course, Gatsby, were drawn here and took up residence along the North Shore at various times because of the area’s attributes, most notably, a green – and often waterfront – Eden that lent itself to sprawling estates that seemed to be limited only by imagination (not capital), and endeavors ranging from the hunt to yacht racing to polo to entertaining on an unprecedented scale.

Today, much has changed on the Gold Coast. The grand estates are fewer. And many of the mansions are no longer in private hands, as colleges, museums and other institutions have moved in, making their glorious interiors and grounds available to all. At the same time, some aspects of the Gold Coast lifestyle remain wonderfully intact. There is a deep appreciation of nature, both wild and manicured by man. Witness the nature preserves (such as Muttontown Preserve) and the glorious gardens (Old Westbury Gardens and Planting Fields Arboretum).

Entertaining? From restaurants to private clubs to catering venues to backyard parties, today’s Gold Coast offers a variety that would make Gatsby envious.

Elegance and style are as important as ever, with Gold Coast providing everything you need to furnish your home, fill your closets, stock your wine cellar and equip your garage. In fact, when it comes to shopping, cuisine and just about anything else, the words “World Class” are redundant when they accompany the words “Gold Coast.”

2020 Publication Dates: July 8, October 21