Buddha Jams Yoga studio space in Glen Cove. (Photos from Buddha Jams Yoga)

Long Island Yoga Festival Opens In Glen Cove

The first ever Long Island Yoga Festival will take place from June 21-23 at Buddha Jams Yoga studio in Glen Cove. The event is open to all levels and offers classes for beginners as well as experts.
The three-day long festival will feature world renowned yogis and musicians, and many of the instructors at the festival are local studio owners and residents. The event aims to bring the community together and inspire collaboration.
The festival offers three days of live music, meditation, dancing, drum circles and—of course—yoga instruction. Food trucks and local artisan vendors will also be in attendance, creating a lively atmosphere for participants.

Buddha Jams Yoga studio space in Glen Cove. (Photos from Buddha Jams Yoga)

Long Island native Jason Samel is the founder of Buddha Jams Yoga, and in curating the festival, he handpicked empowering yogis to ensure that patrons will receive uplifting and energetic instruction.
“[These are] some of the best and most profound yogis that have lived and taught on Long Island,” Samel said.
Festival passes include admission into yoga classes with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee, Alan Finger and Sarah Platt-Finger, Kristina Constantino, Gail Grossman, “TheYogiMatt” Matt Giordano and Brian Lenihan, among others. Attendees will also see performances by Nina Rao, DJ Taz Rashid and Milard Roper.
“There are so many great teachers who are a part of it,” Samel said. “And there is such an opportunity to learn from some of the most respected teachers that have ever lived on Long Island in regards to yoga.”

All the events will be held inside Buddha Jams’ large event space, and audiences are encouraged to take advantage of all that is offered at the festival. Between group meditations, dance parties, and yoga instruction, the environment is curated to create collaboration amongst attendees.
Samel is experienced at producing events and has put on numerous festivals, concerts and local events, as well as New York’s Clearwater Festival. Despite the differences in all of these events, there is one thing that Samel continues to aim to do with his work.
“I’ve always tried to produce festivals,” Samel said, “that can bring out a positive message.”
The Long Island Yoga Festival is no exception to this, and it is clear that the event is produced with the community in mind. The three days of celebration and collaboration will allow the yogi community to interact in new and exciting ways.

Not only is the first day of the festival the International Day of Yoga, but it is also the Summer Solstice. However, for Samel, it also marks the release of his first song, “Heads Bowed Down.” The song is inspired by his personal experience with yoga and its impact on his life. This is just another way the festival aims to blend music and yoga.
The Long Island Yoga Festival welcomes yogis of all levels, even if they have never tried it before. Samel urges participants to join in any way they feel comfortable.
“If you just sit on your mat and watch and soak in the energy that’s there, or you decide to start moving and be a part of it—it doesn’t matter what you do,” he said. “As long as you’re there and feel the energy of it, you get to soak in that energy and walk through your life with it.”
Buddha Jams invited everyone to join the immersive communal, spiritual and culture environment they’ve created. For more information about the festival and admission, visit

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