Local Yoga Studio Hosts Fundraiser For Breast Cancer Awareness And Wellness Education

On a recent evening at 580 Plandome Rd., Know Yoga Know Bliss studio was filled with an aura of positivity and purpose. The event, aimed at raising funds for breast care awareness and research, brought together a vibrant group of young ladies from the class of 2027 who are members of the Junior Coalition. The Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer, known for its tireless efforts in the fight against the disease, boasts a junior division that is equally dedicated to the cause. Leading the event were local Manhasset residents Rebecca Scaramucci, a registered yoga instructor, and Kim Porcelli, a certified health and wellness coach. Porcelli’s discussion on the significance of understanding ingredients and reading food labels served to help attendees make mindful decisions about their nutrition and overall well-being. The yoga session, led by Scaramucci, was designed to engage participants in “go with the flow” yoga, encouraging them to integrate mindful movement, breathwork, and meditation to foster balance in body, mind, and spirit. Through nurturing inner peace and vitality, the evening served as a reminder of the importance of holistic wellness in the fight against diseases like breast cancer as well as contributing to a worthy cause.
—Submitted by Know
Yoga Know Bliss studio

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