Mum Beirne (Contributed photo)

Levittown Chamber Of Commerce Spotlight

The Levittown Chamber of Commerce would like to introduce Mum Beirne, owner of MVB Bookkeeping located in Levittown. Mum is a Levittown resident.

MVB Bookkeeping has been in business since 2019. Beirne says she has always loved working with numbers, so it was a no-brainer to study accounting in college. One day, her former employer — whom she had worked with for 15 years — asked if she would like to do freelancing for them. That’s how it all got started; one client at a time.

Beirne has always worked in the real estate sector in her career. Her last position with a real estate developer in Muttontown was as a finance manager. Although she has various clients from different industries, her expertise is in real estate when it comes to bookkeeping. Whether it’s development/construction, short/long term rentals, fix and flip or multi-family, Beirne enjoys the real estate sector and has a passion for numbers. Beirne saw too many contractors, subcontractors and real estate investors having problems keeping up with their business financials. This is where she began to help them out organizing their books, maintaining records such as job cost, work in progress, soft/hard costs, etc.

Beirne says she provides better bookkeeping by simplifying business financials so clients can focus on revenue. MVB Bookkeeping provides the following services to meet a client’s budget: full charge bookkeeping services, monthly service, bank reconciliation, credit card reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, process payroll, invoicing/billing, clean ups, catch ups, budgeting, collections, cost allocation, financial reports, and accounting software such as QuickBooks Integration.

When Beirne isn’t working with numbers, she teaches yoga, enjoys gardening, investing in real estate, reading business books and cooking/eating vegan foods.

Beirne’s motto is “Driving Your Business Forward, One Financial Record at a Time”.

—Submitted by Don Patane

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