Letter to the Editor: Put Students First

School board elections are upon us and among the myriad of signs, campaigns and social media posts, it is sometimes hard to discern the candidates that are in it for the good of our children, the ones that value education and learning above all else.

When I decided to run for the Jericho Board of Education this year, many were not surprised and, in fact, had encouraged me to run in the past. Instilled in me, from a very young age, is a passion for lifelong learning and intellectual rigor. My honors degree in Economics from the London School of Economics has served as a solid foundation for a successful 20+ year career in financial services. Outside of my professional roles, I have continuously invested my time in education-related volunteer activities. I am Vice-Chair of a school board in Washington Heights, have been a PTA leader in Jericho for over a decade and frequently volunteer to mentor kids, judge youth competitions and donate to children-focused causes. I believe in serving as a role model for our youth and actively follow through on that belief.

The Jericho community is dear to me for many reasons. Over my thirteen years of living here, I have found strength in connections with neighbors, friends, staff and students. Whether through PTA leadership, sporting events, district committees, board meeting participation or simply meeting people on walks, I value every single interaction that I have had and grown tremendously as a result. My neighbors, especially, have stood by my family and I through good times and bad, and I have endeavored to do the same for everyone around me. I remember speaking at a school board meeting several years ago, highlighting that my husband and I initially came here because of the school district’s ranking but stayed because Jericho is so much more than that. It is an inclusive, warm and welcoming family of which I am proud to be a part.

If elected to the Jericho Board of Education, I am committed to the excellence that we have come to know and love about our district. My goals are to:

● Lead with empathy, create connections and prioritize safety for all students, families, administration and staff

● Adopt a kids-first, whole-child philosophy in everything we do, prioritizing our students’ mental, physical and academic well-being

● Continue to invest in innovative programming, especially music education, new sports offerings and mentoring programs focused on practical skills, all while exercising fiscal restraint

● Make sound decisions that reflect the voice of our diverse community. Preserve integrity, balance and inclusion

I ask everyone to please assess all Board of Education candidates based on what they will do for our children and their education. Are they compassionate? Will they prioritize our kids’ safety, their mental well-being? Will they bring the community together and inspire young minds with innovative programs? After all, an excellent education is why we moved to this district, what drives home values and our communities’ ability to thrive.

If you have any further questions or feedback about my candidacy, please reach out to me. I am participating in a number of “Meet and Greets” throughout the community and would love to see you there. Please follow my Instagram page, noted below, for dates and details.

I welcome the engagement!

-Warmly, Shewar Khan

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: shewarforjerichokids


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