Letter To The Editor From The Citizens’ Advisory Committee For Finance

Re: Proposed 2024-2025 Budget for Manhasset Public School District

The Citizens Advisory Committee for Finance (“CACF”) is comprised of Manhasset residents who broadly represent the community. It serves as an independent liaison between the community and the Board of Education regarding the District’s annual operating budget.  Throughout the past year, the CACF convened with school administration to examine the comprehensive budget, scrutinize underlying assumptions, pose pertinent inquiries, and explore potential alternatives.

The budgeting process continues to be profoundly challenging, primarily owing to the pressures of “non-discretionary” spending. This includes notable increases in i) employee healthcare premiums, ii) pension costs, and iii) out-of-district special education placements, which collectively amount to $2.3 million or two-thirds of the total allowable budget increase, as determined by the State’s tax cap formula. These challenges render this year’s budget one of the hardest in recent memory, resulting in difficult personnel decisions and resource prioritization.

The proposed budget of $111.3 million for the 2024-2025 academic year represents a 3.3 percent increase over the prior year and adheres to the tax levy cap of 2.68 percent.   The budget carefully considers all of the complexities of a challenging financial environment while supporting budget goals such as:

  • Preserve strong K-12 academic programs, with a particular focus on class size
  • Expand academic offerings at the Secondary School
  • Maintain and upgrade aging facilities infrastructure
  • Enhance instructional technology infrastructure and instructional software
  • Bolster security at all three schools
  • Maintain and enhance support for the social and emotional wellness of students

Your vote is critical to support the District’s goals and initiatives for next year.  As in previous years, we note with appreciation the transparency of the budget process, the financial information made available by the Administration and the Administration’s responsiveness to CACF inquiries.  We commend the Board for all of its efforts on behalf of our children and the community.

The members of the CACF resolutely endorse the proposed budget for the 2024-2025 school year.

Respectfully submitted,

Taya Bartell, Scott Carroll, Sophie Christman, Dana Cavallaro Dignam, Paul Pai, Tejas Patel, Jane Russell, Stephen Seremetis

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