Letter From Carle Place UFSD Board Incumbent Neal McLaughlin

For the last six years, I have been serving proudly as a valued member of the Carle Place Board of Education. I am happy to announce that I will be running for re-election to the Carle Place UFSD Board of Education on May 21.

Over the last 30 years, I have proudly witnessed eight nieces and nephews pass through the halls of our schools as well as my own daughter, all of whom built a solid foundation through the Carle Place school system.

Experience matters. My 35+ years of private sector experience allows me to bring commitment and dedication with tremendous enthusiasm, and an eye to various areas such as campus infrastructure, hard and soft security, and building safety, as some examples of protecting our most precious commodity: our students.

I have the experience of collaboration with the other members of the board to deliver six straight years of fiscally conservative budgets and passage from the community voting process allowing me to contribute directly to the school’s success.

Some examples of my track record:
– Successful negotiations with the teacher’s union to deliver a 6-year contract of fair and equitable value.
– Successfully completed contractual agreement with SCOPE Inc. for 24/25 Universal Pre-K and corresponding successful lottery for enrollment.
– Enhance physical. and technology driven security for the entire school’s campus.
– The most critical aspect of schools is a sound and fiscally conservative budget. The experience needed to develop and execute a sound budget for voter approval absolutely requires all the necessary tools and resources for our students to succeed, without negatively impacting any clubs, classes, teams, arts, and musical interests.

I am a strong proponent of an exceptional Special Education programs, mental health programs, arts and music, athletics and virtual enterprise clubs, amongst many opportunities availed to our students of Carle Place.

I always make it a priority to have a constant review of our schools’ curriculum at all levels, allowing our students to be critical thinkers and not blindly follow New York State Department of Education views or revisionist history.

My record of achievements as a BOE member is often immeasurable, all as a voluntary elected official representing the Carle Place community.

Vote McLaughlin and I will guarantee that your support will deliver a person of unequivocal honesty, integrity, and an individual without an agenda, outside of doing what is best for “ALL” children.

– Submitted by Neal McLaughlin; lightly edited for clarity and capitalization

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