Renovations are underway for the library’s outdoor seating area (Photos from Hannah Devlin)

Jericho Public Library In Final Stages Of Renovations

The Jericho Public Library renovation project, which began this past fall and is now in its final stages, is nearly complete. The project features updates to the theater, windows, Research Room, and outdoor seating area. 

The library, constructed in 1964 and expanded in 1983, needed a revamp to ensure the safety of library visitors and to modernize its amenities. It was last updated in 2002, and the upgrades also include improvements to event spaces.

Many sections of the library have been upgraded, including the theater. The theater’s auditorium now has new carpeting and comfortable seats for library-goers to watch in-person events. Additionally, safety features were added, such as guardrails and lighting in the aisles.

The newly improved Jericho Library Theater

The theater and the Community Room are the library’s most common event spaces. Due to its excellent acoustics, the library typically holds concerts, presentations, and guest speakers in the theater. 

As part of the revamp, new windows have been installed in the Children’s Room and Adult and reference Rooms. The previous windows were nearly 50 years old and often leaked.

The Reference Room now features brand new floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the neighboring park and brighten the space. Meanwhile, the new Children’s Room windows provide great lighting as well. Without worry of leaks, the newly installed windows offer comfort and safety to patrons.

The updated windows in the Reference Room

The computer and research area of the Research Room is also newly refurbished. With improved seating in the space, as well as updated appliances, the area is ready for library users.

“With new windows, an open computer area, and the renovated theater, we are ready to share more programs with the patrons,” said Program Coordinator Phyllis Cox.

Guardrails were also installed in the library’s rear-entrance parking lot, as well as an island for pedestrians to use.

The most recent update is the completed masonry work outside the Children’s Room. The new brick exterior by the front entrance is one of the final changes in the series of improvements this year.

Newly installed windows in the Children’s Room, which look out onto the front parking lot

The renovations will be complete when the outdoor seating area is completed. The library is expanding the outdoor space, which will allow residents to take advantage of extra space.

Construction work on the outdoor area is currently in progress, and the construction zone is marked off with traffic cones to keep library-goers away from the area. The area is between the entrance to the library and the front parking lot, so patrons should mind the caution tape when entering and exiting the building.

With these renovations, patrons will enjoy concerts in the comfort of the newly cushioned theater seats, and programs hosted in the Children’s Room will experience better lighting.

Although the Community Room has not undergone any recent renovations, it has seen changes via the installation of this month’s art show. During the month of June, the Jericho Library Community Room is showcasing artwork from the Independent Art Society. 

This month’s art exhibition in the Community Room

Due to its rotating showcase, the Community Room offers fresh pieces of artwork for patrons to visit each month.

The library’s Teen Scene, which is part of the upstairs Reference Room, has not seen any improvements yet, though it still receives a lot of traffic from local middle and high school students after school. With tables for group work and computers, the Teen Scene is well-equipped for students’ needs and is a popular destination on weekday afternoons.

“There’s always something special for children and teens,” Cox said.

Alongside the building’s physical renovations, the library’s programming aims to improve as well. For example, due to the large Chinese population in Jericho, the library has begun hosting in-person book clubs in Chinese. These meetings prove to be a successful addition to the library’s events, as turnout has risen in comparison to other events.

Cox said it best when she explained that “The Jericho Library is a treasure as the heart of the community.”

With programming designed for every resident, the library remains committed to serving the community. As the Jericho Public Library continues to renovate and improve, the building will become more accessible to its residents.

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