Film crew behind the scenes (Photos from Christopher Wells)

Independent Movie Released By Glen Cove Native

Christopher Wells, a Glen Cove-native, has released his recent film, The Luring (2019) on Amazon Prime. The movie was inspired by the 1956 short film “The Red Balloon,” and follows a man attempting to recover his memory by returning to his family’s Vermont vacation home.

Wells’ interest in filmmaking stems from his time in Glen Cove High School. After taking a Television Production class his senior year and learning the basics of filmmaking, Wells continued on to attend the School of Visual Arts. 

Still image from the independent film

After Wells began producing short films, he grew more confident in his capabilities. He was the first college student to have a national PSA run in partnership with Drug-Free America, and his short film Liz won Best Comedy at Carolines on Broadway.

“I felt I could pull off telling a story,” Wells said.

The Luring is Wells’ biggest production to date. Because the independent film’s budget is not that of a Hollywood Blockbuster, Wells’ role as producer requires a lot of responsibility.

Christopher Wells producing his independent film

“So many things can go wrong,” Wells said. “You can’t throw money to fix it, you have to be adept at not painting yourself in a corner.”

Wells adapted to unexpected situations during filming for The Luring. Over the course of the 22 days the movie had to film, it rained consecutively for 15. 

The Luring was filmed in Wells’ family home. Wells now lives in Brooklyn, but returned to his hometown for the unique opportunity. 

Shooting outside of the Wells’ home

The house was in the final stages of selling, and the new owners did their walk-through just three days after production wrapped.

“I couldn’t risk messing up my mother’s house,” Wells said. Thankfully, despite the rain, the house remained undamaged and clean.

The opportunity to film in his hometown is something that is important to Wells. He did not have the experience of doing so in his previous short films and productions.

Still shot from the film

“I didn’t have time to be sentimental [during production], but I’ve been since. I was and am so grateful for the opportunity. To send off our family’s house like that is an honor,” he finished.

Wells’ father, Rodrick Wells, is an important inspiration throughout the creation of The Luring. Rodrick Wells’ paintings are featured throughout the movie as a symbol of peace and tranquility.

Wells is inspired by, and leans into, the abnormal. The film is haunting, and delves into the psychological effects of one-sided relationships.

The Luring isn’t for everyone. I know I made a film for a niche audience,” Wells said. “Mainstream is everywhere. It’s often the only option… and run by multi million dollar corporations. I like things that are different, daring, a little weird, and the film’s made by risk takers who influenced me.”

Crew setting up the camera for filming

Wells’ piece, though targeted towards a niche audience, has proven to be a success. The independent film won Best Thriller at the Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival.

The Luring is now available on Amazon Prime, Tubi and other streaming platforms. For more information, visit

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