(Photo courtesy of the Town of Oyster Bay)

Historic Oyster Bay Walking Tours Now Available

Oyster Bay Town Clerk Richard LaMarca announces that residents interested in local history are invited to embark on a journey through time with a guided walking tour of historic Oyster Bay, where echoes of the past meet footsteps in the present. Raynham Hall Museum, located at 30 West Main Street in the hamlet of Oyster Bay, offers a two-hour, historic walk through Oyster Bay, spanning 1.5 miles.

“This fun and educational tour takes you to multiple historic sites, bringing participants back to our Town’s colonial roots and its role in America’s formative years,” said Town Clerk LaMarca. “From the spiritual Fort Hill Cemetery to the waterfront that once bustled with oyster harvesting and pirates and past churches that have stood the test of time, these tours offer a rich tapestry of tales, including those of notable figures like George Washington’s spy, Robert Townsend, and Theodore Roosevelt. Whether you’re a history buff or simply seeking a picturesque walk, Oyster Bay’s Historic Walking Tour is a delightful blend of education and leisure.”

Historic Walking Tours are offered Saturday, July 20th, September 14th, October 5th and October 12th, from 10am to 12pm from Raynham Hall Museum, 30 West Main Street, Oyster Bay. Tours are offered for $25 ($20 for museum members) through Raynham Hall. The Historic Walking Tour through Oyster Bay was developed with the help of Margo Arceri, Culper Spy Ring historian and Three Village Historical Society Tri-Spy Tours founder.

Information provided by the Town of Oyster Bay.

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