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Hispanic Alliance Of Prevention Coalition Launches Campaign to Combat Underage Drinking

The Hispanic Alliance of Prevention Coalition (HAP) announces the launch of its latest campaign, “Diversion Sin Sanción” (Party Smart Without Breaking the Law). The campaign’s focus is curbing underage drinking among teenagers aged 12 to 17 and fostering dialogue between parents and their children on responsible alcohol consumption. The initiative aligns with HAP’s ongoing commitment to community well-being and substance abuse prevention.

The campaign’s main objective is to raise awareness about the Social Host Law in Nassau County. The law precludes adults from allowing minors to drink in their residences. The goal of the campaign is to emphasize the law’s significance within the community. 

According to the CDC, about 4,000 young people (under 21) die from excessive alcohol use each year. Through educating teens on the risks and consequences of alcohol consumption, HAP hopes to empower teens to make informed decisions and avoid underage drinking activities. 

In addition, the “Diversion Sin Sanción” campaign aims to provide parents with knowledge and tools to have open and constructive conversations with their children about alcohol. According to the CDC, teens tend to drink if the adults around them drink or binge drink alcohol often. By engaging parents in the conversation to combat underage drinking, HAP seeks to encourage responsible decision-making in teems. 

“We recognize the critical importance of addressing underage drinking within our community,” said Benjamin Coreas, Coalition Coordinator of HAP. “Through the ‘Diversion Sin Sanción’ campaign, we aim to empower teenagers and parents with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed choices and foster healthy relationships.”

As part of its campaign, HAP will actively participate in community initiatives across Nassau County. The coalition will participate in conferences, training, and substance abuse prevention events to collaborate with community partners and maximize impact.  

In 2022, the YES Community Counseling Center was awarded the Special Populations Community Coalitions grant by the New York State Offices of Addiction Services and Support (NYS OASAS) for HAP. In partnership with the Hispanic Counseling Center (HCC), YES CCC provides social, economic, educational, and health resources to reduce substance use risk factors among Hispanic youth aged 12-17 in Nassau County. HAP’s prevention efforts prioritize linguistic and cultural competence to effectively serve the Hispanic community.

For more information on the “Diversion Sin Sanción” campaign and HAP’s initiatives, please visit

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