First graders at Searingtown School are ready to take on capitalization and punctuation as part of grammar boot camp. (Contributed photos)

Herricks First Graders Engage In Grammar Boot Camp

Working towards punctuation perfection is a goal of grammar boot camp for these smiling Searingtown students.

As part of their commitment to promote writing excellence, the first grade teachers at Herricks’ Searingtown School organized their little cadets for a day of boot camp activities designed to fortify their understanding of proper capitalization and punctuation and ensure they have fun doing it!

Upon arrival at their classroom “training base”, the recruits were outfitted with hats and dog tags identifying them at cadets in training to their teacher “captains” who were prepared to get them engaged in their drills first thing in the morning.

During boot camp, the legion of little learners engaged in various interactive activities, ranging from punctuation patrols to capitalization conditioning with an occasional break for exercise to make sure their bodies, as well as their minds, are in tip-top shape!

–Submitted by Herricks Public Schools

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