Schreiber Jazz performance at the Sousa Bandshell

HEARTS In The Park: A PortFest Event

On Saturday, May 18, HEARTS PW (Helping Enrich the Arts of Port Washington) hosted its annual spring arts festival, with a few updates to the original festival. The refreshed festival was held at Sunset Park and included new features such as a silent disco and Artisan Village, where three local vendors displayed their creative wares.

“We’ve always considered this an arts and community festival. The priority is to showcase the creative spirit of our community and give a platform for the arts, both performance, visual and any other kinds of arts,” said Eric Gewirtz, Board President of HEARTS PW. “There are the community elements, too. Local businesses and non-profits that sponsor us and set up booths at the festival to tell the community what they do.”

Dance Arts Centre

Music performances were held at the Sousa Bandshell and dance peformances were held on the basketball court. Performances included Port Washington School ensembles (music and dance), Port Summer Show, Bach 2 Rock, Dance Arts Centre and Berest Dance Center.

HEARTS hosts the festival to support the arts, the community and to fundraise for their grant program. Donations help support the organization and further HEARTS’ mission to be able to enrich the arts. The grants are given out each cycle by HEARTS to support school and community arts programs. This year’s fundraising goes toward the 2024-25 cycle, which will be announced in early Fall.

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