Great Neck United JV Hockey Team (Contributed photos)

Great Neck United JV Hockey Team Goes To Semifinals

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, the Great Neck United JV Hockey Team clinched first place in the league standings after a resounding victory in their latest match. With their eyes set firmly on the championship, the team geared up for a crucial upcoming game on Sunday, March 10.

Facing off against formidable opponents, the Great Neck United JV Hockey Team showcased their prowess on the ice, delivering a masterful performance that left over 200 spectators, including Board of Ed Trustee, Steven Chen, GN Park District Board of Commissioners Frank Cilluffo, Tina Stellato and Vanessa Tamari, GN Park District Superintendent, Jason Marra and Ass’t Superintendent Anthony DiDomenico and Hockey Director Dan Marsella, in absolute awe. From the drop of the puck to the final buzzer, the team exhibited seamless coordination, swift skating, and impeccable teamwork, overwhelming their adversaries with a relentless offensive onslaught and impenetrable defense.

Led by their seasoned coach, Joe Calandra, and fueled by the steadfast support of their loyal fans, the players of Great Neck United displayed unwavering determination and a hunger for victory that propelled them to the summit of the league standings. Each member of the team contributed to the success, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and their firm resolve to succeed.

The Great Neck Park District’s dream of creating a hockey team, together with Great Neck’s Middle and High Schools, began three years ago. This is the first Park District sponsored community hockey team supported by the Great Neck Public Schools. It is comprised of students from both North and South districts, thus the name “Great Neck United.” Once the Park District was granted special permission for a home game, they set up a plan for a Middle School based hockey team made up of seasoned travel hockey players.

As they bask in the glory of their hard-earned achievement, the players of Great Neck United know that their journey is far from over.

The team understood the importance of maintaining their focus and intensity as they prepared to face their next challenge on Sunday, March 10.

After the Great Neck United JV Hockey Team’s home win they secured the 1 seed and a first round bye to advance to the semifinals where, unfortunately, they lost to Rockville Center 2-1 in overtime.

—Written by Anthony DiDomenico and Michele Siegel

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