Glen Cove Senior Center Couples Share Their Love Stories

Valentine’s Day is a special day out of the year to dote on your loved ones, especially for these three couples at the Glen Cove Senior Center.
On Feb. 7, the Glen Cove Oyster Bay Record Pilot went to the Glen Cove Senior Center to interview couples who have all been married for more than 60 years.
This is part one of a two-part series, as next week we’ll hear from couples at the Life Enrichment Center of Oyster Bay.
Here are the stories from our couples at the Glen Cove Senior Center:

Nita and Stanley Strelisaer

Anita and Stan Strelisker
Length of marriage: Almost 68 years.
How they met: Anita and Stan Strelisker both attended Brooklyn College. Stan had a car, and he and some friends had planned to go to Atlantic City for the weekend in July. Among the friends was a woman named Joyce, who was a friend of Anita’s. They both lived in the same house plan at college. Joyce asked Anita if she wanted to join, and Anita did. After that weekend, Joyce told Anita that she was sure Stan was going to call her for a date, which he did. Their first date was out to Howard Johnson’s in Lynbrook. They married the following July.
What married life has been like: Joyous, sublime, ridiculous and difficult. But more joyful than anything. “I think it’s the wonder of it,” Anita said. “The wonder of meeting someone who really is your friend. Who sees the worst of you, the best of you. It’s a wonder. And what makes it last so long is that you don’t get a divorce. It’s a commitment. And the wonder of creating these new human beings, which is our children, has been such an important part of our lives, keeping us together.”
Where life has taken them: Stan worked in manufacturing toilet seats and Anita was a school teacher before going back to school and getting her Masters in library science. She became a librarian. Stan was able to sell the business and retire.
The secret to a long marriage: Commitment, a lot of love, a lot of work, chemistry and staying best friends.

Judy and Alan Grayson

Judy and Alan Grayson
Length of marriage: 64 years.
How they met: Judy Grayson was at home in Florida washing up when a friend came over, saying someone was looking for her. The friend said no one’s ever seen him before. She asked Alan Grayson how he found her, and he told her some stories that didn’t seem to be very true. To this day, Alan has kept it a secret of how he came to find her. It’s a mystery that the Graysons’ like to keep. On their first date, they went to Palm Beach, Florida. They married the following year.
What married life has been like: It has been great, and the two are best friends. The Graysons’ listen to music and dance and Judy loves Alan’s humor. They keep the romance going and Judy said Alan is a “good guy.” He always calls her beautiful. “I tell her the way I see it,” Alan said.
Where life has taken them: After getting married in 1959, they lived in Florida for 10 years and, because Alan wanted to live near mountains, they decided to move to Woodstock, NY. They lived there for 30 years, and raised their children. After living in Woodstock, the Graysons’ became snowbirds going back and forth from Florida to New York, and parked in Florida for a while But their children wanted them to be closer, so they moved to Old Brookville.
The secret to a long marriage: Keep the romance going, stay good friends and have mutual respect.

Lois and Frank DeMita

Lois and Frank DeMita
Length of marriage: 65 years.
How they met: Lois and Frank DeMita met through a mutual friend. Lois DeMita was a flight attendant from Alabama living in Jackson Heights, Queens. Frank DeMita’s friend was a lawyer with the Federal Aviation Administration. Frank had been able to mingle and attend parties with professionals in the aviation industry because of this friendship, and one day, Frank’s friend said he was taking his friend Joy to the airport, and he asked if Frank wanted to come, since Frank had a car. At Joy’s apartment, Lois was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. They all had coffee and went to the same party that night, “and the rest was history,” Frank said. They married a year-and-a-half later. Frank proposed at Christmas Midnight Mass. At the altar, he slipped a ring on her finger.
What married life has been like: “We get along well,” Lois said. “That’s because I’m such a nice person.” The two have experienced ups and downs like all marriages, but they’ve always respected each other’s feelings. Frank enjoys Lois’ cooking.
Where life has taken them: They lived in Valley Stream for 50 years. Lois was unable to fly anymore because in those days, you couldn’t fly when you were married. DeMita was a teacher and Lois became a secretary. They raised a family. After their children became independent, they moved to Glen Cove. Frank enjoys the Italian community that has settled here, and said Lois always supported him throughout his many endeavors and involvement with different boards on Long Island, including the Valley Stream Civic Commerce and North Shore-LIJ Health System Board of Trustees.
The secret to a long marriage: Mutual respect, good family and a good life.

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