Andrew Ginez and Dakota Rios (Photo from the Glen Cove City School District)

Glen Cove High School Shines With Double Success At Roger Rees Awards

Glen Cove High School proudly announces the selection of Andrew Ginez and Dakota Rios by the Broadway Education Alliance to participate in the Roger Rees Awards for Excellence in Student Performance. This recognition signifies a remarkable achievement for both students and the Fine & Performing Arts Department at Glen Cove High School.

The Roger Rees Awards, which honor outstanding high school musical theater performances in the Greater New York City Area, are highly competitive. Following a rigorous evaluation process, only two students from each school advance, aiming for a place among the 50 nominees for Outstanding Performer in a Musical.

Dakota and Andrew, standouts in The Little Mermaid, impressed judges with their talent and dedication. Their advancement underscores not only their abilities but also the support from mentors Jared Ross, Edward Norris, Suzy Damaszek and Christie Janiec.

Jared Ross, Theatre Teacher at Glen Cove High School, remarked, “Dakota and Andrew’s recognition highlights our students’ brilliance and our Fine & Performing Arts Department’s unwavering support and commitment to robust arts education. As their teacher, I’m incredibly proud of their hard work and artistry. They’ve not only secured coveted spots but also inspired countless others to pursue their passions fearlessly.”

Lawrence Nadel, District Coordinator of Fine and Performing Arts expressed immense pride in the unwavering dedication of the Glen Cove High School’s Fine & Performing Arts Department in nurturing young artists. This significant achievement by Andrew and Dakota underscores not only their individual talents but also the vibrant arts culture cultivated within the school. Congratulations to Dakota and Andrew, whose success serves as a testament to the dedication and support provided by the school community.

—Submitted by the Glen Cover City School District

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